I don’t need ikea to picture our lives together.

Tony asked me the night before if I was down to go to ikea with him. When I asked why ikea, he said it was because he wanted both of us to visualize our future house together. I thought it was kind of crazy that he’d even think that far ahead but I went along with it. So there we were, at 12pm the next morning speeding down the freeway on our way to ikea. We were in the middle of conversation, like we always are in our long car ride adventures, and you know how there are those small moments of silence sometimes? When neither people are speaking and you would think the silence feels dreadful. Well that wasn’t the case for us. The pause of silence, where only the sound of the engine running could be heard and everything around us passed by like a blur. It felt peaceful. My right hand was holding the gear shift and Tony reached his hand over to wrap it around mine.

I don’t need ikea to picture our lives together. I know you have a hard time seeing our future together. But I can see it. I want you to use ikea as inspiration. Ok?

I attached a photo of maybe what I imagine the inside of our future house (or vacation home hehe) would look like.


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