It’s Ok to Feel Lost

As high school seniors who transition into adulthood, we’re pushed into making decisions about our whole lives. What do we want to do for a living? What type of education do we have to pursue to make a sustainable career path? Where will we pursue this education and what do we have to do to get there?

Our society, especially with the pressure and competition within Bay Area, expects everyone to know exactly what they want to do with their lives, go for it, and succeed. There’s this path to success which I see a lot of people follow, myself at one point including, which is to go to college, intern for your career path, and then go straight into the workforce.

But that path doesn’t account for actual life. It doesn’t account for human’s mental well-being and health, nor does it account for life’s curveballs. And I have nothing against people who still choose to follow that path, but over time I’ve realized it is no longer for me. I care way more about my health over my career path. I realized that my path to success is not measured through my career path. My success is measured through whether I am content with my life, whether I am happy doing what I’m doing everyday.

In May, I made a list of my goals that I believed would set me into the right path to figure out what I want and achieve full success. But after making those goals, I aimlessly went towards them with no purpose on why I even wanted to achieve those goals. In return, I felt completely lost. I was frustrated and sad with why I wasn’t happy, even while head on pursuing my goals in life. I thought that setting goals and achieving them would make me happy but it didn’t. 

So this summer, I took a step back and asked myself why I wanted to achieve these goals. What do I want to get out of achieving my goals?

In Napoleon Hill’s self-help book “Think and Grow Rich”, he outlines a couple of points that helped me organize my purpose behind my goals. These aren’t exact to what he states in his book, but it was adapted by me to aline with what I was looking for.

  1. Find out exactly what you want in your future, aka your goals.  Make a list outlining exactly what you want (ex: a house, become a nurse, to get married, have a dog).
  2. Write down what you are willing to give up/sacrifice in order to achieve this future (opportunity costs people!!)
  3. Establish an estimated time period in which you want to reach your future/goals.
  4. Create a plan to achieve this future/goals, and whether you are ready or not make time to begin this plan.
  5. Leave room for mistakes, but not failures (my own added tip)

What I Learned: It’s ok to not know what you want, or what your goals are. Go on adventures with your friends, spend some time with family, or even go on a one person self discovery trip. It’s also totally awesome if you already know what you want and are going for it. I’m happy for you. Everyone has their own path to success and happiness. But if you ever feel super lost in what you want in life, I hope maybe you could use some pointers I found to help you like it has helped me.

I am not perfect, nor am I at the place I want to be yet, but I can honestly say I’m happy with where I’m heading.

Whoever you are, thanks for taking time out to read my thoughts, and I hope you enjoy watching me strive to not only grow, but constantly improve myself everyday.





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