Welcome to my little business, Curated by Crystal! What is it?

So just a small background story before I explain what Curated by Crystal is. I was never the most fashionable person out there. In fact, I’ve had quite a lot of fashion blunders I must admit. I’m also not in the financial position to follow the new trends in fashion. Knowing all this about myself, I thought I’d just stick to wearing the basics. But even the basics are expensive in stores! So I went on the hunt to find the most affordable clothing that any simple person like me would wear. I got really interested in thrifting..which eventually led me into making my own clothes!

It started out as just thrifting and making clothes for myself, but I found myself branching out to my friends and family. And that’s how I got here today.

I’m currently in the process of possibly opening up my own little clothing store! Curated by Crystal consists of my best thrifted finds & creations, and my own curated pieces! The clothes listed will include basics, and maybe some crazy fashion fad finds. And all for a super affordable price! If I wouldn’t pay that much, you won’t either.

Follow me on this journey to creating Curated by Crystal. Website coming soon 🙂

But for now, buy my pieces via Instagram and Depop!